Conference Cloths

New for 2018, Hart Linen and Textile is pleased to introduce a patent pending hand-made table covering with an extremely unique feature that ensures a snug and tight fit and also helps prevent the covering from slipping from side-to-side. Created exclusively by the Hart Linen and Textile designers, this covering is considered a breakthrough in the industry. It includes a specially engineered pattern design that is custom-made with each order size. This covering resists slipping if gently pressed or rubbed, or if exposed to stronger winds indoors or out.

Guests at your hosted conferences, meeting, discussion, or dining areas are sure to notice how wonderfully the covering fits. Some have described that the fit is so clean with this design that it has that 'painted on' look. They will also appreciate the additional security when placing their hands or arms on the table, in that the covering resists slipping, giving people more confidence when working, writing, presenting, or eating on the covering.

Due to design efficiency and economies of scale, these fabulous coverings are surprisingly affordable, costing only slightly more than a standard covering, but with noticeably increased performance. Hotels looking to separate themselves from others when hosting customer events are turning to this truly one-of-a-kind covering.

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